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Multi-Instrumentalist - Composer - Recording Artist - Producer - Bandleader

Nir Motzeri ניר מוצירי




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The Heart of our Nation

When it comes to introducing visitors to the vibrant multiculturalism of modern Israel, there is no better spokesman than Nir Motzeri.​  

A composer who has found his roots in the ancient style of niggun, every composition of Nir is more than a simple tune, it is a journey of the soul as it discovers its own elevation.  A kibbutz galuyot of diverse musical traditions and instruments, Nir's music is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.


In this performance, Nir introduces visitors to the emotional and spiritual aspects of music in the Jewish tradition.  In the Temple the Leviim had the unique role of preparing visitors spiritually for their ascension.  Every person has a niggun that works on their soul.  The job of the Leviim was to know the secrets of scales, harmonies and rhythms and to play to each person the niggun that would open their heart and bring them into the present moment, preparing them to bring their own unique offering to God.

Exploring the question of what makes Jewish music Jewish, Nir teaches us that Jewish music is always about celebration, elevation and feeling that you are in a creative partnership with G-d.  Nir's music is a perfect "mashal" for a very Jewish vision of peace.  Multiple voices, diverse elements, tradition and innovation existing in perfect harmony.

Celebratory, inspiring and deeply emotional, this is music that fuses the East and West, the old world and the new, and is evocative of the journey of the soul as it find its own unique place amongst its people.

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