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Multi-Instrumentalist - Composer - Recording Artist - Producer - Bandleader

Nir Motzeri ניר מוצירי


nir motzeri in concert

Prepare yourself for an epic journey inside the fantastical musical world of Nir Motzeri.  A multi-instrumentalist known for his virtuosity on a wide range of traditional and ethnic instruments, Nir is a musical innovator, boundary-crosser and master of fusion. Performing on bansuri flutes, violin, mandolin, greek bouzouki, algerian banjo and irish whistles, his original music draws on influences from the Mediterranean, North Africa, Arabia, Eastern Europe, India, Ireland and the Americas. 

A modern take on the ancient musical form of niggun, “To Make Her Happy” ignites audiences' passion for the journey of life itself. Proving that music is a language of the heart, Nir's compositions are soul-stirring celebrations of the most basic human desires for love, connection, growth, spiritual elevation and personal freedom.

Joined by an all-star lineup of some of the most innovative instrumentalists in Israel, this is an event that will supercharge your passion for life and forever change the way you experience music.  


the ensemble:

1. Nir Motzeri: bansuri, violin, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, whistles 

2. Yanush Hurwitz: accordion

3. Yonatan Sharon: darbuka, rik, timbales, dahwul

4. Moshe Shalev: persian santur, oud

5. Asaf Rabi: contrabass, bass

6. Elan Kenan: classical guitar

** We book shows as a Trio, Quartet, Quintet or Sextet Ensemble

hanan yovel portrait_edited.jpg
"The music is played with such spectacular virtuosity and it is manifest in every single note...  this is an album that will make every lover of music rejoice"
-- Israeli Folk Music Icon, Hanan Yovel
aharon razel.jpg
"This is music that goes straight to the heart"


--  Singer & Songwriter, Aaron Razel

raviv byron.jpg

"The Motzeri Trio are without a doubt amongst the most versatile and talented musicians in Israel and perhaps even in the world – and we are sure to hear from them in the coming years from the world stage."


-- Raviv Byron, President of the Indo-Israel Chamber of Commerce

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